Hailing from Sydney’s south, Stockade Brew Co are the (relatively) new kids on the block. They’ve been around since October 2015, but that’s not to say they’re total rookies. Between them they have decades of brewing experience, and a fairly unique background in the industry.

Offering a core line-up of 4 ultra sessionable beers and an ambitious roster of monthly limited edition brews – all coupled with striking artwork – there’s never a dull moment when it comes to Stockade beers. The team’s 2016 brews have so far won in excess of 26 awards across the likes of the Australian International Beer Awards (AIBAs), Craft Beer Awards (CBAs) and World Beer Awards (WBA’s), where we won the title of “World’s Best Imperial Stout”.



















Mr Little ‘Genuine’ Cider was born from the simple desire to drink really good cider made from really good fresh apples. The team behind Mr Little select only fresh eating  quality apples, crush them to extract their precious juice, filter and then ferment the juice. They then press more fresh tree ripened apples and then carefully blend them to the fermented apple juice to add fresh apple aromas, flavours & some sweetness. The team then bottle’s the blend and try a few… (followed by a few more) and if it is good enough for their own lofty standards, only then will they put their name on it!